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3 Ways to stop daydreaming and start doing

Do you find yourself gazing away fantasizing about that dream job, driving that new car, or simply doing better and getting ahead? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Having a dream and being a dreamer are two different mindsets. Dreamers are drifters just floating through life with no real plans. One who has a dream, is a doer on the path towards achieving their goal. Once you decide to remove your head from the clouds, tackle the obstacles that face you, and organize a plan of attack, you become a doer. If you are ready to put in the work, here are 3 steps to stop dreaming and start doing.

Start by deciding you’re in charge

You are in control of your behavior and your life. If you have a deep feeling that you’re unhappy, then you probably are. And to stop daydreaming about a better life, you need to own your life, get out there and make some big (and scary) changes. Action is never comfortable, but action will drive you forward to the place you want to be.

Carefully layout your plans

To be a doer, you need a game plan. You need to be as regimented with your dream as you are with your everyday work. Write your end goal at the top of a sheet of paper and what steps you plan to take to get there in an organized, realistic fashion. Say your goal is to become a nurse. Your first step should probably be volunteering at a local hospital to see if you would really enjoy it. Next maybe list the schools you are interested in applying to. The third step could be to gather your necessary paperwork to apply to colleges. The sum of all the little tasks you do equals your goal of getting your dream job. Lay it out in daily, weekly, monthly tasks that will get you closer to your dream.

Do something, anything

Your plan does not come to fruition magically. You have to stop daydreaming and take action to get yourself there. Do you need to reach out to new and bigger clients? Do it. Do you need to think bigger and more dangerously when it comes to actions that will get their attention? Do it. Do you need to double your sales by focusing your game? Do it. Be specific. And if you don’t know what to do? Find out. You may have to take on many different hats to get you there. Start where you can, do whatever you can, this is where the physical work begins.

Making excuses simply delays your dreams. Be honest with yourself, accept the situation, reassess, and keep pushing for your dreams. We all have the potential for a fulfilling life, but only if we get out and live it. And the same goes for your work. So, stop daydreaming and start doing. Stay focused, but don’t forget to take time to clear your mind and relax along the way.

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