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3 Ways to launch your dream career

Some people actually love waking up in the morning and going to work. Do you believe that? They can’t wait to go to the office and enter the door with a wide smile on their face. Work is their favourite part of the day! Now that you have figured out what you’re passionate about, and have started to consider dream jobs, let’s figure out how to make it all happen! Here are 3 simple steps to help you achieve your dream career.

Unlock your passion

Before all else, it’s very important to unlock your passion – in other words, get clear on what you are passionate about. There’s no point spending time planning out a dream career in an industry or occupation that you are just not passionate about. So how can you unlock your passion? Ask yourself these questions: What would you do every day and still love even if you weren’t getting paid? What can you talk about for hours passionately? What are some things that annoy you in your industry that you want to change? And how can you change them? Once you have asked yourself these questions, you will get a clearer indication on what your passion is or at least you will start seeing a trend/pattern.

Start small, start today

Dreams without goals are just wishes. Procrastination kills more dreams than failure ever will. We’ve all seen too many friends buy domains and create social media pages only to watch them die in their idea graveyard. Turning a dream into a career takes consistent small advances. Start by journaling your ideas. You can earmark your down time for writing in a dream journal the ideas for your new career. Each idea will likely require research and additional action steps. In addition to writing about your dream and the ideas that follow, you can create a vision board to give you more tangible inspiration. Remember goals without timelines will set you up for failure.

Always remember, the process is part of the dream

You might also find yourself having a difficult time. You are burnt out and exhausted. You want to quit, because you’ve put so much effort and yet there is little to no success. In times like these, you’ve heard it a million times: do not give up! Seriously. Stick with it, and remember that failures and tribulations is a normal part of the process. In fact, this process is what it’s really all about! Think about how rewarding it will be when you finally get your dream career.

Putting time and effort into finding your dream career is the most important investment in your life. Start exploring your aptitudes, skills, and personality. Narrow down niches by selecting the ones you believe will provide a meaningful contribution to others. And make sure to select the niche that matches your lifestyle and allows you to enjoy a stress-free life. As you proceed with your search, you will eventually find and launch your dream career, and make your own version of success. You deserve to enjoy your work, you truly do.

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