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3 Things to consider before starting a freelance career

The grass can always be greener on the other side, however, going freelance can be a difficult transition. While contract work or entrepreneurship can be incredibly lucrative, offer more flexibility, and allow for more creativity, there are some drawbacks that people don’t consider. Before you make the jump, ask yourself some hard questions to make sure that you can operate from a position of strength while on your own. Here are 3 things to consider before starting a freelance career.

Are you at the right stage of your career?

If you’ve worked at your day job for several years and managed to collect a lot of experience in your field, it will help you greatly to stand out as an expert when it comes to marketing your skills and freelancing services. One of the most important things to consider is whether you’re ready or not. If you’re still in your office job then it might be worth evaluating how reliant you are on your colleagues – if you think you’d struggle on your own, then it might be worth reconsidering your decision.

Do you have a backup plan?

Freelancing works best when you go all-in with everything you’ve got. That way you’ll work harder to achieve your goals, but sometimes things don’t quite go to plan that’s why it’s always good to have a plan B in place. It’s smart to have at least some inkling of what you’d do if this leap doesn’t pan out in your favour. So have a good think about what you would do if the worst case scenario occurred. This way if it does happen you’re not going to find yourself lost and unsure as to what you’re going to do.

Are you ready to hustle?

Having a freelance career is incredibly rewarding, but far from easy. You have to constantly be networking and pitching and thinking of new ways to get clients. Freelancing also means that you no longer have a boss setting your schedule or telling you what to do. Unfortunately, the truth is that some people need to have someone directing them. If you don’t think you can be productive or happy doing completely self-directed, self-motivated work, then freelancing may not be for you.

If these questions sound daunting, don’t panic. Freelancing offers a lot of benefits that, in the right circumstances, can more than make up for the challenges posed by working independently. Quitting your job to pursue a freelance career is a big decision. And, while it’s impossible to predict exactly how things will play out for you, you want to be sure that you give this big career decision the time and careful consideration it deserves.

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