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3 Important career questions to ask yourself

When it comes to your career, it’s not only important to keep moving forward, but also to look back and reflect. By taking the time to think about what’s happened so far, you can actually get a lot of clarity in terms of where you want to go next and how you’ll get there. Here are three important career questions you should ask yourself to figure out how to grow your career and become the professional you know you can be.

What role does work play in the kind of life I want?

“Follow your passion” implies that work has a greater value than just being a means to an end-in other words, living to work as opposed to working to live. You first need to decide what sort of life you want and what role work will play in it. You can then adjust your expectations and needs regarding your career.

Is this career allowing me to do what’s important?

Is your career giving you enough money, time and flexibility to do the things in your life that are more important than working? Now’s the time to reflect on what’s important to you, and whether or not you to need to change your life around a bit to focus on those things.

Can I reach my full potential in this role? in this career?

When we feel like we have more to contribute to society, that’s a sign that we haven’t yet reached our full potential. Do you feel like you’re wasting your potential at your current job? Do you think you’d reach your full potential in another career? Really think about what you want your professional legacy to be. It’s a lot harder to get up in the morning when you don’t find fulfilment in your work. Everyone has unique gifts, skills, and expertise. When we focus on developing ourselves as individuals, it’s a lot easier to share those things with the world. Give yourself a chance to reach your full potential. You may be surprised by what you can accomplish.

Before you get back into the same routine at work, take a few minutes to ask yourself these career questions and listen carefully to how you answer them. You may need to make a new career resolution or two. Our career journey forms an important aspect of our lives. So, take a few months, or even years, to improve your self-knowledge. You will benefit from it for the rest of your life.

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