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3 Easy social media updates that can give your career a boost

Social Media is something that keeps us constantly engaged. Whether it is updating Facebook friends about our lives, conversing on Twitter, or showcasing our craft on Instagram, we are always reaching out in some way. But, social media can also be used as an effective tool for your career. It’s a great way to land yourself a lucrative job, advertise your brand, or climb the ladder of success. Here are 3 tips that can put you on the path to making you a better manager, candidate, or employee.

Follow publications and influencers in your industry

What’s the easiest way to bring industry news, trends, and updates right to you? Just “like” their pages and watch your newsfeed fill with articles, videos, and discussions. Then you can use that knowledge to impress your boss, co-workers, or an interviewer. You can also get some daily doses of advice and guidance (and even expand your professional network) by following influencers in your field.

Write content to showcase your expertise

This is a little bit beyond just curating the articles you’ve read. What I’m talking about here is actually writing a 500+ word article on the subject matter yourself, offering your own insights and expertise to the readers. Certain social media networks offer a built-in editor for longer pieces and they have a ready-made audience awaiting your post. Try writing your article on LinkedIn, or Facebook and see how well it’s received.

Attract clients and employers

All of your regular posts, genuine relationship-building and active curation eventually pull together to create a social profile that shows you’re a skilled, interesting, relatable individual. Potential clients and employers come to appreciate your professionalism, they recognise your face and they remember who you are. Who are they going to hire when an opportunity comes around? You, if you’re available.

Posting on social media requires some moves in the right direction if you want to boost your career. We always think boosting our careers requires us to put everything down and start from scratch. The thing is, all the stuff you do now on social media can help with succeeding in your job search or moving up in your company. You just need to rethink how you use it.

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