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3 common workplace problems and how to handle them

Everyone faces a plethora of workplace problems – in fact, everyone goes through their own battles every day to get their work done on time and exceed different expectations all at once. However, there are always a few constant, nagging elements in the workplace that prove themselves a little more persistent, and hence, are more capable of affecting work as it progresses. Here are 3 common workplace problems and how to handle them.

Overwhelmed with work

If your workload has increased dramatically, and even bathroom breaks stress you out, you probably need to talk with your manager about your workload. Pick a time when your manager isn’t rushed and explain that your workload has become chronically unmanageable and why. Explaining what’s behind the workload increase is helpful because your manager may not be as attuned to the context as you.

You keep running into conflict with a difficult coworker

Although we may try to please everyone, sometimes we encounter an individual with whom it’s difficult to find common ground in the workplace. Whether it’s a fellow colleague, or manager, when professional viewpoints don’t fit together, productivity and efficiency often suffer. Deal with the individual by speaking to them in a neutral, non-accusatory tone. Try complimenting the person on their hard work, and when the time is right, ask if you can set time aside to calmly settle your differences and discuss what might be the best way to go forward. Remember that everyone has a story to tell, and often a person just needs to talk to someone who is willing to listen.

You get a bad performance review

It can be hard to recover from a not-so-great performance review, especially one that you didn’t see coming. You might feel angry, embarrassed, and confused. First, don’t panic and don’t get defensive. People become so focused on how to defend themselves during a bad performance review that they forget to really listen to what they’re being told about what they need to do differently. Understanding your manager’s concerns will be crucial to a good outcome, so listen and ask enough questions so that you truly know what you’re being asked to change.

Conflicts will always occur in the workplace, yet it’s important to assure that all workplace problems are handled professionally. With the right tools and approach, you can begin to look forward to your workdays again. Give whatever solutions you try an earnest shot. If you really try your best and still don’t see improvement, you might consider moving on: you gave it your all, but now you’ll need to take your talents elsewhere.

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