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3 Career myths that could be holding you back

Each of us on this planet have one precious life, and our work forms half of it. That’s what makes finding a dream job a quest. Even before stepping into the real world, you have already heard every piece of advice about how to chase your dreams. While some of these pieces of advice are great, unfortunately, there’s plenty of outdated (or altogether false) information that can bring your career to a screeching halt. If you’re holding on to these relics, it’s time to let them go and focus on taking advantage of career opportunities.

It’s too late to change your career path

Unless your calling is something super age-specific, like playing in the Premier League, then it’s really never too late to switch careers. While there can be financial constraints that may keep you from switching careers quickly – taking classes or being willing to make less money for some time to get on the career path you want shouldn’t hold you back. Many people go to college, major in a line of study, work for a few years in that area and then find it doesn’t suit them at all. If you’re a good candidate, smart, and presentable, you need to take those steps now to get yourself on the career path you want. It’s always worth the time to make the change.

You can only grow if you stick to your job

Most of the time, loyalty pays off. However, this does not mean you should never quit your job at all costs. It is important for you to weigh if you are still growing in your company, or if your undeserved loyalty is, in effect, holding you back from growth. In addition, employers should also be committed to their employees. If you feel severely undervalued at work, then it might be time to assess if you are in the right workplace. Loyalty is just one of the many work ethics that impress employers. Most of the time, talent and efficiency are still a lot more valued than the former.

Working long hours at the office will get you promoted

Your boss wants to see results, not dark circles under your eyes. Spending a lot of time in the office for the sake of “face time” is not the key to success. When it comes to getting recognized and getting ahead in your career, time doesn’t matter—your accomplishments do. Indeed, dedication is a work ethic many employers seek in their employees. However, working overtime regularly is not the best way employees can show dedication. Surprisingly, it has been proven that the most productive employees are those who have a good work-life balance. Efficient workers can make the most out of their regular work hours to produce excellent output.

Ultimately, the key for career growth is a developed discernment. You will be hearing a lot more pieces of advice going forward. Take each with a grain of salt. Among everyone, it is you who knows your situation well enough to decide for yourself. Whatever your next career move ends up being, do your research and don’t let anyone’s career myths keep you from pursuing the career path you’ll love.

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