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3 Bad work habits you need to change immediately

It’s never too late to say “good-bye” to bad habits that make you miserable and hinder your professional success. It can be very easy to get into a vicious circle where you accept your bad work behaviour as the norm – but these things could have a significant impact on your career and that promotion that you’ve been waiting for could pass you by without you even realising. If you have these 3 bad work habits, you need to start working on changing them ASAP!


You may not be an eternal optimist, but the office does tend to be a more enjoyable place when everyone focuses on the positives. We all happen to have bad days at the office, it’s only normal. What we shouldn’t do, however, is share it with everyone around us at all times. Constant whining about everything doesn’t serve a purpose and keeps you in a perpetually bad mood. Think positive and the day will follow. You’ll be amazed by what positive thoughts could do for your career too!

Ignoring constructive criticism

No one is perfect, and that’s okay. It’s how you react to constructive criticism in a professional setting that makes the difference. Criticism is a good way to progress, and if no one pulls you up on ways to improve, then how will you learn from your mistakes? Not listening to constructive criticism could be really damaging for your career. Remember, the more you improve the more likely you’re going to get yourself a promotion!

Showing up late

A late morning here or there is understandable. But arriving a few minutes late to the office every morning is really unacceptable. If you know that Netflix-binging until the early hours of the morning will make it difficult for you to be at work on time, ditch the habit! Showing up late makes you look unprepared, and like you don’t respect everyone else’s time. If your boss can’t count on you to show up on time – ever – you may not be able to count on that job for very long.

We know that habits can be difficult to break, especially when breaking that habit pushes us outside of our comfort zone. But success is about facing adversity. Overcoming these 3 common workplace bad habits will ultimately make you a more successful person, and may even make work more enjoyable for you!

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